These Silicone Sponges Are The Way Of The Future

You know you’re almost thirty when you write about how much you love a certain cleaning product. In this case, it’s a sponge-like tool that will completely transform the way you clean.

I’ve reached that point and am okay being here.

Heads up, your old-fashioned yellow sponge is so 2017. It’s 2018, guys. If we can launch a car into space for the hell of it, we can create something better to clean our hand washable dishes with.

Technology prevailed and these silicone sponges will change your life. I came across these magical lil’ scrubbers while doing what I do best… browsing Amazon and looking for the best and most practical deals and products.

These aren’t your classic sponge, but instead are what I would describe as a “cleaning tool.” For the sake of this post they are sponges because that’s what they are called on Amazon.

Instead of dropping $9 on some cute sponges at Target that will only last a few uses before they get stained with tomato sauce and get covered in wet, melted taco cheese, I pressed “add to cart” and never looked back. These will theoretically last years and years versus only a few uses. I’ve had these since December and use the one pictured below daily and it still looks brand new.

We take our dish cleaning seriously

Right now I dare you to go into your kitchen and take a whiff of your sponge. It’s okay…I’ll wait.

Gross, right?

Think about all that bacteria in those little grooves having bacteria sex and smelling up the joint.

With these silicone sponges, there is no smell. None. Nada. Because silicone is antimicrobial and won’t hold smells or grow bacteria. These babies stay efficient and smell free even after scrubbing hardened protein pancake batter off a KitchenAid mixer metal bowl.

Without sounding like an early 2000’s infomercial, THERE’S MORE!

Not only are these used for washing dishes, they are heat resistant and can a potholder, a coaster for hot beverages, cleaning fruits and vegetables, cleaning makeup brushes, your child, your dog, your own body (see the photo of my shower caddy below), and whatever else you want to scrub all bacteria and free of that awful musty, moldy sponge smell that belongs in a basement that hasn’t been cleaned since the 70’s.

Do yourself and everything you clean a favor, send your sponge back to hell where it belongs and buy these. If I can order Starbucks with a 2 inch robot (Echo Dot) from my bed, we can take better care of the stuff we put food in.

This sponge can stay, though. The memes are too good.

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