This week by best friend and I went back to 6th grade…

Not really, but we did go see 98 Degrees, O-Town, Dream, and Ryan Cabrera in concert.

This time we had booze.

It was a #ThrowbackThursday on a Tuesday I’ll never forget.

The often forgotten to the ravages of time and music evolution groups are on the My2K Tour this summer, serenading crowds of 24-30 year-old women across the country with the upbeat, somewhat cheesy, and infectious pop songs of yesteryear.

And it was freakin’ awesome!

Never have I witnessed a group experience such as this one, thousands of people women re-living the music of their youth, all sharing a common interest.

It was magical and just plain ‘ol fun!

These boy bands still got it. Seeing them live is nothing compared to watching them on your computer screen or on TRL in 1999. While Dream and Ryan Cabrera were fine performers, they didn’t steal the show. Let’s face it, we all just wanted to hear O-Town sing “All or Nothing” live and creep on Nick Lachey.

Spoiler alert: he is still pretty hot.

This concert experience full-filled my summer nostalgia for 2000’s pop jams and made my inner middle school self finally complete.

I do have photographic and video evidence I attended this event. I will save you from my horribly off-key snapchat videos and pictures of me covered in sweat in exchange for these YouTube videos.

While this was loads of fun, I’m still waiting for the NSYNC reunion.

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