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Things that are not as old as my grandmother and great-aunt

My grandmother and twin sis, Peggy Maxine and Patsy Pauline, turned a whopping 90 years young on July 8!

90 is a REALLY long time. At this point, they’ve spent more time together than any married couple ever will (not counting vampires).

The time of their life span in correlation to mine and said events didn’t hit me until I heard about Olivia de Havilland turning 100 a mere seven days before Pat and Pet hit the big 9-0; that’s only a 10 year difference.

People 10 years older than me aren’t even 40.

There must be something about being born in the first week of July between the years of 1916-1926 that promote longevity.

As someone who is only 27, I realize my grandmother and great-aunt are significantly older than many other grandparents and relatives of my peers. After witnessing this  super-human feat of being alive, I starting thinking about all of the world and pop culture events these fab ladies have experience and how these things (like Pat and Peg) have stuck around throughout the ages.

Such as…

DC Comics, 1934

Being older than Batman is a feat all its own.



Marvel Comics, 1939

Again, with being older than the characters who’ve been around forever and now make billions of dollars in pretty much the same movie over and over again. Yet we still love them. There’s a reason why super heroes never go out of style.


Rock ‘n’ Roll, late 1940’s/1950’s

What we know as rock ‘n’ roll today wasn’t like it was then, obviously. Enjoy some “Buddy Holly” to get the best of both worlds.

Twinkies, 1930

In 2012, we thought we’d never get the horrific cream-filled snack again. Before then, these “cakes” were giving us beetus for 82 years.


McDonald’s, 1955

Unlike Twinkies, I don’t want to live in a world without those fries and $1 iced coffee.


Frozen Food, 1930

If my husband didn’t cook and frozen food never happened, I would be so hungry.


Because I dress up like that to go grocery shopping. The kind folks at Trader Joe’s are lucky I wear pants.

Slinky, invented 1943 and sold in stores 1945

Damn right everybody loves Slinky! slinky2bad