Way Late Wine Up Wednesday

As much as I love writing Wine Up Wednesday and as funny as I think the Cersei Lannister scoring system is, it’s something I haven’t been able to keep up with. For the two people who actually read my blog, I’m sorry. I have been trying to drink less wine, not that a drink a ton anyway and save some money by not buying things I don’t need. Booze is the last on the list for me when it comes to necessities. Some people would say I’m missing out. Those people are drunks.

Or this. I know that feel. Image via.


Anyway, I plan on keeping this post series going as often as I can. I bought a new bottle of wine today so stay tuned.

This week’s wine is Yellow Tail Chardonnay. This company is well known to even the non-wino crowd as being cheap and featuring a kangaroo logo. The brand isn’t bad; I love their Moscato and Shiraz. But this one missed the mark with me.


This wine is cheap. Not like Two Buck Chuck cheap, but like could probably feed two people at McDonald’s for the price cheap.

As someone who enjoys a good deal, I don’t always believe you either get or don’t get what you pay for. Some cheap things will last forever, some expensive things are crap. This doesn’t always ring true when it comes to wine.

Wine, like coffee isn’t for everyone. Developing a taste for certain things can take years of evolving. For example, I can drink a Black Americano like it’s water and I used to be all about the Caramel Brûlée. For the coffee drinkers, you will understand the Starbucks lingo. For the less or non-caffeinated, it means I went from sweet to strong.

Me every day. Image via.

Same goes for wine. I haven’t developed much of a taste for dry whites which is maybe why I didn’t like this wine. I can drink a nice cab all day but some dry whites make me want to heave.

This was one of the them.

Back to the cheapness factor. I’ve bought $3 bottles of wine and I’ve bought $20 bottles of wine. Can I taste the difference? No. Maybe there is one and maybe there isn’t. I’m not a professional wine tester so I have no freakin’ clue. All I know is when I like/don’t like something and plan to write a humorous anecdote about it. Hence, this post.

This wine was not only not good, it tasted cheap and smelled cheap. It was kind of like drinking old Victoria’s Secret body spray and getting heartburn.

1 Cersei


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